FXU Diary Covers '09/10

Sunday, 30 August 2009

One thing I really wanted last year, but didn't get, was the diary cover job. I got it this year!

It was kinda a weird one, cos I did all the designs then stopped it, after I decided that doing work for other people to look at wasn't good for where I'm at right now. I'm just enjoying being very free to find myself & my passion without outside stimuli or interference. Anyhoo, a little while after this the new welfare officer asked specifically for designs for the diary as they hadn't had any, & I guess I gave a mental shrug & finished them off anyway. They were low stress, I made them out of paper cut-outs & a lotta Photoshop work. I wasn't expecting to get chosen, but it's fab, cos now they're giving me TWO of my limited edition FXU hoodies as well as a free diary!

I'm praying they look good in print, but it'll be a while til I get myself a copy so we wait :)