"Twin"/ films are really fun

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

At the very least, this is entertaining. It's just not the kind of entertainment we were aiming for ;P

This was my first attempt at being involved in filmmaking, from back in May or June of this year. I co-wrote, co-directed & did the storyboards the film was *meant* to be filmed from. The whole thing took about a week from starting to write it to the end of editing & sound work, so it was awfully planned & terribly rushed (my excuse for it being a bit...rough around the edges ;P)
It was the most awesome fun I've had doing anything in ages, though, so I've got together a group to work on a film that I'll be totally directing :D We've nearly finished writing it, so then it can go to the set & costume designers & hopefully we'll be ready to shoot in early October!! :D

Making films is incredibly good fun.