IF: Winter

Friday, 31 December 2010

NYOOOO I totally missed the IF deadline today, but it's okay cos I was doing more sensible things.

Anyway, cos it fits, here's a rough from the story I'm working on, The Scarlet Coat

I'm aware the character is a triangle. It didn't seem to work with any detail. She's basically a triangle anyway.

So we'll see how that goes.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2010 is dead, but it was fun, & 2011 is a big, scary, exciting year, with too much going on everywhere & my quarter-century as well! Horrible.
Don't forget to think carefully about your resolutions :)

IF: Mail

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I think if I'd spent a few days more mulling this one it'd be better, but as a speedy sketch before I go to visit family for Christmas, I think it's pretty neat.

Obv I love drawing ghosts, all the time. Something wrong with me?

Merry Christmas!! -xxx-

IF: Phenomenon

Friday, 17 December 2010


Christmas is About the Presents

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I really wanted to give out homemade presents for Christmas this year, & finally pursuaded the Lovely One to choose & make something for gifting. He chose peanut-butter-fudge, which is ace because I loooove peanut-butter-fudge & we messed up a batch so we had loads unfit for gifts left for ME ME ME.

Anyway, I got to draw LABELS which was totally a dream come true; food + drawings + on an object = parfait. I had some fun with it because I knew we weren't giving them to anyone who was lacking a sense of humour & they seemed to go down very well, untill the jars were opened & Lovelies' fudge TOTALLY overshadowed my beautiful drawing!! How rude!!

The drawing took me a few hours inbetween crafting decorations & prepping vegetables for a Christmas party, I think it worked out well despite. The jars are all recycled from things we had around the house, I like how they all mismatch.

Incidentally Lovley One's foodblog can obviously be found at Spinach & Chips

Anti-Bullying Posters

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hey hey.  New works again.  I really wanted to do IF this week, but uni + Christmas is a lethal cocktail :(

These were a short project, less than a week actually, because I'm falling back into the habit of spending ages planning & not making any art when that makes me depressed cos I'd rather be making art.  Well.

The thinkin here was to still be drawing for the kiddywinks, but something heavy & you know, 'issue'-y.  I was bullied pretty henious when I was tiny, seems being ginger is not that helpful at that age, so choosing an 'issue' didn't take long.  BullyingUK are a seriously neat charity, running Anti-Bullying Week every year to raise awareness & encourage kids to think more about being nicer to eachother.

 When my mother died, it made it kinda hard to cope with the bullying at school & my self-esteem issues on top, so I just sort of, quit school for four years.  Skipped my GCSEs, got home tutoring & a lot of people with clipboards talking quietly, & started drawing pictures to help me ignore real things.  Story ends with me going into post-16 study to do a lot of art studies, now I'm here at illustration. Weird.

Love to hear whatcha think of them, anyway.  Peace out -xxx-

IF: Savour

Friday, 3 December 2010

Totally related to uni work, still. Totally.

A homage to Snowy, from Hausu.  Enjoy that, Snowy.

Some cabbage that's like, nowheresville

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Some characterisation for a kids book that's been temporarily shelved, because I can't write fast enough & it was making me depressed. Eveything aside from the writing is solid gold though, man, I could draw these crazies for weeks! Oh I DID DRAW THEM FOR WEEKS but am keeping it a sekrit.

Also I finished my website: cathyhookey.com
I'll probably never be able to stop fiddling with it, it'll be like a transformer, website in disguise, a new website every day. Noone should've taught me how to use Dreamweaver, now it will not stop.

Also happy December ^.^

I Should Be Writing My Dissertation

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What?  Don't be silly.

I left it flat but can't decide if I think it needs texture or not...?

Olden Days People doing Olden Days Things

Monday, 22 November 2010

Some new-er bits & bugs from my last project

It was about Victorians & Victorian fashion on the surface, but actually about shapes & me underneath. Deliciously sneakily selfish.

 This one is an outdoor cloak that I really wish was still made...

& these three are character designs rather than fashion-play, I really liked the idea of Cook & Scullery Maid as a two-some, they look like soulmates.  The other guy was inspired by a photo of a cricket player...but ended up looking like Saddam Hussein :(

Sex, Violence, Vegetables, Prints.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I feel a little guilty about these, as they're only just going up now but they're actually a few months old...

These two are my first 'proper' screenprints! They were a million times fun to do, mainly because they were such a challenge; cleaning the uni's massive A0 screens was an experience on it's own! If you've got any Spanish that's 'Sex and Violence' & the character is totally a luchadora- I like my wrestling & lucha libre is cooler than other wrestlings for the costumes alone. She's been confused for a clown, which I can totally see & don't mind because she'd be into sex & violence whether she was a wrestler or a clown, to be honest.

The blue one is actually blue & silver but it doesn't show on the scan, & you can puurr~chase an original of it at the Here & Now Gallery in Falmouth, at about A2, numbered & printed on some very beautiful Fabriano paper.

These two were my first monotypes, made with stencils, oil-based inks & some drawing utensils. These have been a bit of an inspiration for where my work has moved to since I started Level 3 at uni, concentrating pretty heavily on shape & colour over anything else. Buuut more on that another time!
Plant ya now dig ya laters! <3

A Merry Christmas Fug

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A speedy turnaround Christmas card design!  Originally for a live brief at uni to pitch to a local design firm, I didn't get the job because it wasn't specific enough to their company, but I did get some very complementary feedback, some scary pitching experience AND an awesome card for myself to send out :D 

 Incidentally, most of these sweaters actually exist, if you maybe feel a stirring in your loins for a Christmas jumper Ugly Sweaters has a shop with all the ugly Christmas sweaters your loins could ever desire.  I am seriously considering giving them out as gifts this year, be warned.

An Unwilling Acrobat (etc)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Crobat was one of my favourite Pokemon, I never understood why they named it that though.

Illustration Friday entry!  On time this week!!  I had an urge to draw an elephant & wanted to do some more playing around with my new durathnene roller; I'm trying to squeeze some fun in before term starts up again... 
by doing things like this!  I made my first set of badges this week, as well, using my uber cool 'SuperBadgeIt!' toy!
Predictably, they've got food on them!  They're for sale at the Here & Now gallery in Falmouth (possibly along with the original of the ellie acrobat piece), but there's only a few sets available so if you're keen on cartoon fruit you know, run.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

An incredibly late IF entry, from about three weeks ago I think. I had to go on holiday, then do work, now I'm going on holiday again :D

Linocut, the first where I've concentrated on cutting lines rather than shapes. A little underwhelming? The cake is based on this recipe, which I will make one day! Sans dead bugs. I thought the one thing a rainbow layer cake needed was colour-matching dead bugs.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Not much time for IF this week, so it's just pen & ink. I think this would look rather nice as a one colour blockprint, but I just wouldn't have got it finished in time for the next topic! I tried to use similar marks to a linocut with the pen anyway, & I wanted to get different textures without using paint or anything. It might be a bit detailed for my liking, but it was good fun to do!

I'm writing ghost & monster stories at the moment...

Prepare to be Seduced

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A not-so-subtle attempt at creating the perfect atmosphere for lovin'...

IF entry for "atmosphere," & successful attempt to cheer myself up :)

Baby's First Studio

Thursday, 12 August 2010

My studio!! It's not very big, but it's my own workspace with a door, a window & a whiteboard, so it's perfect. I'm even luckier to have some spiders & occasionally other friends come to visit too ;P

Her name is Cat! Note my new beanburger-phone I got for my birthday :D

I haven't got any good scans of the results of my printmaking school, so that'll have to wait, until then I only have a few visual developments to show you from amidst the much research & baking that's going on!

The last is from my book "100 Things to do With a Bug" which I have a feeling will be a long time in the making ;P

Baking updates, if that sort of thing interests you, can be found on a blog I share with my Lovely One, Spinach & Chips which is full of our vegan ventures & recipes!

Fish Tank & Hank

Sunday, 18 July 2010

First post from my new studio! I'll have photos of my beautiful space up soon, after I tidy it a bit ;P
The move was so drawn out & complex, we're still having issues with rent & stupid companies, but we're here now & starting to settle down. Unfortunatley between upgrading so much stuff, trying to spend time with my lovely one & getting down to research for my dissertation, not many pictures are getting made! There's a little for your eyes to enjoy though:

This was a tiny little print of Hank the Cat for a friend's family, who amazingly bought myself & the lovely one a huge batch of groceries! I was & still am floored by the kindness; we're still eating our way through it all! Incidentally the print didn't turn out so well, but it was a learning experience about trying to print so small. I really enjoyed letting loose on the retro shapes.

This is called "Fish Tank" after a British film of the same name, which is amazing if you haven't seen it yet. The film is about a 15 year old girl growing up in a housing estate in Essex, drinking dancing fighting & the like. I liked how it constantly flipped from poignant to darkly funny, so I aimed for something similar in my drawing. I tried for something bolder & flatter with it as well- I wanted similar shapes you get from a block print but more with expressive lines. I thought I'd try something a bit different with the lines too, & shunned all my expensive pens for some fat pencils.

I don't know why I always end up prefering my lines to the fully coloured pieces, I can't help it. Maybe I'll stop colouring things at all ;P The left one is in brush & ink, the right is pencil, & I can't decide which I prefer so I guess I'll keep trying at both!

Bornean Wildlife for fx-pedition 2010

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some natural history illustration for the fx-pedition to use in the educational content of their website. Most of them are endemic & endangered species, they were good fun to learn about before I started drawing them!

Sunda Clouded Leopard
Siamese Crocodile
Bornean Southern Gibbon
Mueller's Gibbon
Bornean Bay Cat
Black Hornbill
Bornean Orang-utan
Proboscis Monkey
Paradise Tree Snake
Blue-Eared Kingfisher

I struggled with the stylisation for them, though; I kept wanting to characterise & simplify more. You can tell the ones that I spent the longest with at sketch stage because they're the ones that are the most characterised & simple, as well as my favourites! My tutor liked them, but I got the idea he felt similarly to myself about natural history illustration not really being my calling in life. C'est la vie, I still had fun doing these & like most of them a lot anyway.

Organica Chocolate Bars

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I love Organica chocolates, being vegan there aren't that many "milk" style chocolates on the market I can eat I guess, but apart from that they're damn tasty, & they manage to be entirely organic, often Fairtrade & sourced from sustainable farms. Saying that I don't think I'm cut out for packaging, this felt very constrained, so I might quit my packaging design career while I'm a tiny bit ahead!
This project got disturbed by another surprise project, so I had to drop it then come back to it...normally that should've killed my enthusiasm, but actually it gave me the chance to reasses what I'd done & I think it's a whole lot stronger for it.

Props to Karl for folding the mock-ups for me ;D Originally I'd designed these with hand-drawn type but they looked amateur; the type on the finals here are blockprinted then edited in Photoshop. I also blockprinted the company's logo so it would match better with the rest of my design, which I think is a vast improvement, & blockprinted another design with an image rather than type.

Marmalade + orange chocolate!
These were such a blast to make, even through the occasions where the tool slipped & I stabbed myself! I've got a real bee in my bonnet about printmaking at the moment. Expect more!