I'm baaaack, with Cortez in the Attic

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Uni has been draaaastic since I've been back, quite a shock to the system.

This is all of the finished visual material that came out of my previous project, since I spent ages writing a story, a script, & the storyboards for the whole film. Long projects get me bogged down, though, & I was beginning to sink with this, so Cortez' adventures in the attic have been shelved for the forseeable future. There's not much to explain about it, I took a text called "In The Attic," which is boring as hell, & wrote a film about the daughter of a lunchadora going on a trip to Chichen Itza through a portal in her attic underneath it.

Eventually I'll come back to it & make sure all the things I had half-done get finished, but if I don't get a higher quantity of work going I'll get in trubbul ;P

That's the bad guy, Terra, he's my favourite.

So apart from failing to complete a month-long project & learning about politics for the first time, I have been mainly...