Baby's First Studio

Thursday, 12 August 2010

My studio!! It's not very big, but it's my own workspace with a door, a window & a whiteboard, so it's perfect. I'm even luckier to have some spiders & occasionally other friends come to visit too ;P

Her name is Cat! Note my new beanburger-phone I got for my birthday :D

I haven't got any good scans of the results of my printmaking school, so that'll have to wait, until then I only have a few visual developments to show you from amidst the much research & baking that's going on!

The last is from my book "100 Things to do With a Bug" which I have a feeling will be a long time in the making ;P

Baking updates, if that sort of thing interests you, can be found on a blog I share with my Lovely One, Spinach & Chips which is full of our vegan ventures & recipes!


sheree boyd said...

great studio, adorable cat, love the illustrations! and i'm a fellow vegan so i'll have to check out your other blog!

Ian T. said...

A dedicated workspace, however small, is essential. I have my drawing desk set up in a corner of the loungeroom, though one of the cats uses my board as a path to the window sill to watch parrots feeding outside...