An Unwilling Acrobat (etc)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Crobat was one of my favourite Pokemon, I never understood why they named it that though.

Illustration Friday entry!  On time this week!!  I had an urge to draw an elephant & wanted to do some more playing around with my new durathnene roller; I'm trying to squeeze some fun in before term starts up again... 
by doing things like this!  I made my first set of badges this week, as well, using my uber cool 'SuperBadgeIt!' toy!
Predictably, they've got food on them!  They're for sale at the Here & Now gallery in Falmouth (possibly along with the original of the ellie acrobat piece), but there's only a few sets available so if you're keen on cartoon fruit you know, run.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

An incredibly late IF entry, from about three weeks ago I think. I had to go on holiday, then do work, now I'm going on holiday again :D

Linocut, the first where I've concentrated on cutting lines rather than shapes. A little underwhelming? The cake is based on this recipe, which I will make one day! Sans dead bugs. I thought the one thing a rainbow layer cake needed was colour-matching dead bugs.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Not much time for IF this week, so it's just pen & ink. I think this would look rather nice as a one colour blockprint, but I just wouldn't have got it finished in time for the next topic! I tried to use similar marks to a linocut with the pen anyway, & I wanted to get different textures without using paint or anything. It might be a bit detailed for my liking, but it was good fun to do!

I'm writing ghost & monster stories at the moment...