I Should Be Writing My Dissertation

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What?  Don't be silly.

I left it flat but can't decide if I think it needs texture or not...?

Olden Days People doing Olden Days Things

Monday, 22 November 2010

Some new-er bits & bugs from my last project

It was about Victorians & Victorian fashion on the surface, but actually about shapes & me underneath. Deliciously sneakily selfish.

 This one is an outdoor cloak that I really wish was still made...

& these three are character designs rather than fashion-play, I really liked the idea of Cook & Scullery Maid as a two-some, they look like soulmates.  The other guy was inspired by a photo of a cricket player...but ended up looking like Saddam Hussein :(

Sex, Violence, Vegetables, Prints.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I feel a little guilty about these, as they're only just going up now but they're actually a few months old...

These two are my first 'proper' screenprints! They were a million times fun to do, mainly because they were such a challenge; cleaning the uni's massive A0 screens was an experience on it's own! If you've got any Spanish that's 'Sex and Violence' & the character is totally a luchadora- I like my wrestling & lucha libre is cooler than other wrestlings for the costumes alone. She's been confused for a clown, which I can totally see & don't mind because she'd be into sex & violence whether she was a wrestler or a clown, to be honest.

The blue one is actually blue & silver but it doesn't show on the scan, & you can puurr~chase an original of it at the Here & Now Gallery in Falmouth, at about A2, numbered & printed on some very beautiful Fabriano paper.

These two were my first monotypes, made with stencils, oil-based inks & some drawing utensils. These have been a bit of an inspiration for where my work has moved to since I started Level 3 at uni, concentrating pretty heavily on shape & colour over anything else. Buuut more on that another time!
Plant ya now dig ya laters! <3

A Merry Christmas Fug

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A speedy turnaround Christmas card design!  Originally for a live brief at uni to pitch to a local design firm, I didn't get the job because it wasn't specific enough to their company, but I did get some very complementary feedback, some scary pitching experience AND an awesome card for myself to send out :D 

 Incidentally, most of these sweaters actually exist, if you maybe feel a stirring in your loins for a Christmas jumper Ugly Sweaters has a shop with all the ugly Christmas sweaters your loins could ever desire.  I am seriously considering giving them out as gifts this year, be warned.