Anti-Bullying Posters

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hey hey.  New works again.  I really wanted to do IF this week, but uni + Christmas is a lethal cocktail :(

These were a short project, less than a week actually, because I'm falling back into the habit of spending ages planning & not making any art when that makes me depressed cos I'd rather be making art.  Well.

The thinkin here was to still be drawing for the kiddywinks, but something heavy & you know, 'issue'-y.  I was bullied pretty henious when I was tiny, seems being ginger is not that helpful at that age, so choosing an 'issue' didn't take long.  BullyingUK are a seriously neat charity, running Anti-Bullying Week every year to raise awareness & encourage kids to think more about being nicer to eachother.

 When my mother died, it made it kinda hard to cope with the bullying at school & my self-esteem issues on top, so I just sort of, quit school for four years.  Skipped my GCSEs, got home tutoring & a lot of people with clipboards talking quietly, & started drawing pictures to help me ignore real things.  Story ends with me going into post-16 study to do a lot of art studies, now I'm here at illustration. Weird.

Love to hear whatcha think of them, anyway.  Peace out -xxx-


Unknown said...

I really like this chuck, It's a strong image and the block colours plus the print make the characters around seem harsh and threatening, which works well plus makes it understandable for the children. Nice to know you've put some personal experience into your work too, this has made the subject stronger :)
you may like this guys work- Jay Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
Eti has been having some issues regarding bullying so when we have a free moment I shall show him these.
You are so talented - well done :)
Em x

Bobbi Jo said...

These are VERY awesome. Wondering if I can print up and display at an anti-bullying summit for teens in my local city.