Christmas is About the Presents

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I really wanted to give out homemade presents for Christmas this year, & finally pursuaded the Lovely One to choose & make something for gifting. He chose peanut-butter-fudge, which is ace because I loooove peanut-butter-fudge & we messed up a batch so we had loads unfit for gifts left for ME ME ME.

Anyway, I got to draw LABELS which was totally a dream come true; food + drawings + on an object = parfait. I had some fun with it because I knew we weren't giving them to anyone who was lacking a sense of humour & they seemed to go down very well, untill the jars were opened & Lovelies' fudge TOTALLY overshadowed my beautiful drawing!! How rude!!

The drawing took me a few hours inbetween crafting decorations & prepping vegetables for a Christmas party, I think it worked out well despite. The jars are all recycled from things we had around the house, I like how they all mismatch.

Incidentally Lovley One's foodblog can obviously be found at Spinach & Chips