Counting Dragonflies!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A long delayed post! I've had a busy few months regarding life, which has made it a quiet few months regarding drawing :( Still! I have some drawings of animals for you to look at. I'm playing about with my textures a lot, trying to figure out where the point of 'too much' is. I don't think I've found it yet. Perhaps there isn't a too much? Perhaps eventually all my work will disintegrate into abstract planes of textures, shapes & colours. There's an idea. Watch this space for that one!

Until then, numbers 4, 5 & 10 of a series of wildlife/counting illustrations! A whale could fit way more than 10 starfish on his back, but then things were getting a bit intense for the purpose I think...

IF: OOOooooooo SCARY!

Friday, 4 November 2011

WOOOOO spooky timeeeess not really but I really love drawing ghosts & monsters so Halloween is a great excuse to draw lots of spooky silly pictures!

I sent two of these out as promotional postcards & the spot illios were used for little circular stickers! I love doing spot illustrations, breaking out of straight edged canvases is sooooo satisfying.

And this was a sketch I ended up really liking, partially because I always wanted to be a witch when I was a kid, just a fun witch who'd use her magic to turn bats into cyclop-bats rather than doing anything really mean. Love to hear thoughts & feedback, as always my lovelies! :)

At the moment I'm working on developing my folio & tweaking my website as well as spending a lot of time being Lush! I love working at Lush, aside from more obvious skills the job has given me +9000 scent points, I can now smell you at least 30 seconds before I can see you. Mixed blessing/curse but interesting none the less ;D xxxx

IF: Ferocious / Happy Friday!

Friday, 23 September 2011



I can't decide if it's the abundance of texture, or the fact that I'm steadily using more gradients in every piece, but my work looks like it's slowly transforming WITHOUT PERMISSION TO DO SO. My 'Advice to Sink in Slowly' poster looked similar- a lot busier & with more subtleties than when I worked in only flats. I didn't choose to stop working in flats, it started as an experiment which is, I suppose, just running a bit unchecked. I don't mind I think. I miss the looser linear elements I used to add, so I'll try to reincorporate them into things. We'll see where this crazy ride takes us!

'Till then, have a happy Friday! :)

Merry Christmas!!....?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Or merry autumn!!

This bag is from a presentation I did for Hallmark a few months back, it felt oddly satisfying drawing Christmas stuff in July. I enjoyed all the decorative stuff & loved designing the colour schemes, winter colours are gorgeous!

I am feeling so CHRISTMASSY at the moment it's unreal, the sudden influx of Autumnal weather is gorgeous & gearing up for my first Christmas at Lush is so exciting ITS UNREAL. My shuffle just put on Wham's 'Last Christmas' & everything, tell me that isn't some sort of sign from above that I should start Christmas three months early.

Except then I'd miss Halloween!!! ;D xxx

Advice to Sink in Slowly Poster

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ever since I was a fresher at Falmouth I wanted to draw a poster for Advice to Sink in Slowly, they were an amazing inspiration for me when I was just starting out & the thought of being able to pass that feeling on was so exciting! I'm so chuffed to be a part of it.

Also chuffed to get the opportunity to draw a scary Mayan-god-slash-designer-face eating money & clocks. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it, the detail got out of control at some point & I couldn't bring myself to reign it in, but I think I'm starting to like doing slightly more detailed work! Scary. I nearly went with a scheme in just greens but also couldn't bring myself to use non-red. I don't know how my idea of colour ended up categorised into either 'red' or 'everything not red', it's too extreme to even be called a bias now I think.

I might've taken the advice in my poster to extreme at times (I didn't kill anyone), but sometimes it really is worth sacrificing for your work, whether you're at uni or not. Prioritise! & remember your passion. Oh, I'm welling up. I love you guys.

LUSH Party Flyer

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hello my loves! I'm sorry I've not been posting much recently, you'll be my main priority from now on I promise. I've had a lot of work that I haven't been able to show, which must just mean I have to do more personal work obviously!
This was just a little job for my masterful manager at Lush, & because I love Lush & love doing drawings it seemed logical to mix them up a bit. I think all considering there'll be a fair few more drawings of Lush things coming up!

I wanted to show off the lusciousness of Lush & the beautiful big yellow house that is Lush Truro, as well as draw seagulls & a red cat. This is going to print at A6, so I went with a super bright colour scheme for IMPACT. Not that I don't usually go with a super bright colour scheme for IMPACT regardless of how big the finals are going to be. I'm sure I spent most my summer getting rained on, so at least I can draw sunshine & pretend it's real! xxx

Happy Fridays!

For those who are looking at my blog, but not looking at the beautiful creaturemag blog, the lovely creature's have given me a job every three weeks to cheer up the internetiverse with Happy Fridays! Here are the first two I've contributed, keep your face turned towards creaturemag for future additions of late week lovin!

It's lovely to have an excuse to do something fun & silly, so I'm using them to really relax & stretch a bit. I'll cross-post them here from now on, so everyone can have a happy Friday! :)

Custard Creams Illustrated

Monday, 8 August 2011

I think probably the Queen's fave biccy would be custard creams, dipped in gin or tea or possibly both. Earl Gin. Mmm.

My fave biscuit, VEGANISED so I can eat them now! These taste BETTER than store-bought ones, though, because rather than miscellaneous crappy oils & rubbish, they're super simple; flour, vegetable fat, sugar, vanilla essence & custard powder, which is pretty much always vegan from supermarkets.

Despite loving cooking this is my first attempt at merging cooking stuff with my illustrating stuff. Illustrating a recipe is harder than it looks I tell you, so I'd be interested in what people think of it, whether or not it's legible etc. I made it to hand out at a recent vegan food fayre, so it had to be at A5, but didn't get handed out anyway! C'est la vie.

In other news, I have a day-job now, at Lush handmade cosmetics, which is obv lush, & I'll be contributing to Creaturemag's lovely feature Happy Friday every few weeks! SO KEEP YER EYES PEELED.

Falmouthian Summer

Friday, 29 July 2011

Hi again my lovelies, I'm back again to interrupt your summer with something SUMMERY.

During our New York trip, Piper of Lingdren & Smith told me that I'd probably draw beautiful maps. I had to concede the point, so I'm working on a series of maps. The series starts naturally with home, Falmouth!

I wanted to do a map that concentrated on the Falmouth I love rather than a very factual one, as I feel like I owe a huge amount to the town I felt it should be personal, but still be commercial enough to work in my folder.
First I decided my favourite things about Fal are the sea & it's exotic foliage, so my map would have a lot of water & flowers. Owing to the student population Fal isn't a lot like other Cornish seaside towns; the creativity the university draws means it's all a bit quirky on top of the usual slow Cornish pace, so I used a seaside colour scheme that's a bit more modern & a lot brighter. Fally is always cheerful & chirpy, even when it's grey & wet, which is a lot despite how many sunshines I drew on this. When the sun DOES shine it's so lovely. I'm lucky to live so close to Swanpool beach that all I see is blue & green. Swanpool is too far away from everything else to make it onto my map though, so just imagine it's much like Gylly, without the skyscraper-sized cocktail, but with a skyscraper-sized ice-cream covered in clotted-cream & pieces of chocolate.

And if THAT didn't make you want to stay in England for your summer holiday, I don't know what will.

Stats about oil, climate change & planes, perhaps. But hey! It's a Friday night, you crazy kids should be out enjoying yourselves! Go on. Just try not to wake me up when you get in.


IF: Gesture

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Reportage is, next to posed life drawing, I think my favourite thing to do. When I first started reportage I thought it was all about getting the drawing to look like the subject of the drawing, then I read the 'Force' books by Mike Mattesi & realised how much life drawing has to do with ideas. My favourite thing to do, taken of course from Mattesi's books, is look & then come up with an adjective or simile to describe what I find most interesting, like "his leg is thick like a pillar" then push that idea visually. Or I tend to hone in on a shape that really interests me, like the way a woman supports her weight by jutting her hip out at a strong right angle, or the way someone's hair might shoot off the crown of their head like a puffball. Then I just push that in the drawing. Some drawings are just about how square someone's butt is.

These, apart from being for Illustration Friday's "gesture" topic, are a selection of drawings I did whilst manning University College Falmouth's stand at D&AD's New Blood show. Being a cutting edge, trendy young people type design show, there were some really cool looking people to draw, & I had a seat, so I was truly in my element. Thank you, New Blood, for your interesting crowds, well lit venue, & that seat.

I'm a firm believer in the photograph's capability to capture what is already there, thus the requirement of an illustrator to capture something bigger & more interesting than reality. An idea, or a story. I think I'd get bored just pretending to be a camera all the time, & I don't think I have the attention span!

I'd like to hear people's thoughts anyway! Love love xxx

A Challenge Appears!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hello again my loves, tis myself, putting another new drawing on the internet. This is another one polished off before my trip to New Blood & New Designers. I wanted something new to put at the end of my folder, something dramatic, something RED.

Clickity for bigger!

I've been working on pushing my texture recently, as well as my composition & general attention to detail. This was the first in a continuing series of experiments using more involved processes with texture, using more varied handmade textures, & using them as brushes in Photoshop for COMPLETE CONTROL over colour, placement & amount of texture. I'm working on this alongside my use of form & tone, not because I necessarily want to move away from flatness but because I want to try it out. I think I have a good feel for form & weight so it seems a shame to not push it! Since I've finished uni it seemed a shame not to let my geekery have a frolic as well, so I decided to indulge my fantasy fan & do a sexy redhead battling a demon with it's nips out. I love drawing monsters, although most the time they're funny, sometimes I have to make them really horrible!

I'd love to hear what people think anyway :)

Lots going on at the moment, totally worthwhile being busy when July won't stop raining on us!!!

I AM GRADUATE also some characters

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Well, the start of July was a bit momentous; I went up to London to exhibit both at D&AD New Blood & the New Designers graduate shows. They were AMAZING fun! I got chatting to some awesome people, got to see some awesome work, & natch got to hang out in the most awesome city ever. I was so excitable; if anyone reading this met me at either aforementioned show I apologise, I just don't get let out very often.

The whole trip was super useful for me; I noticed some trends in the pieces that got the most interest from "Industry", which got me taking more notice of the commercial potential of my work & is actually very refreshing after spending four years in a box (not that I mind working entirely selfishly ;P). I got some really useful feedback too, less on my work itself & more on how I talk about it in a formal setting, & I got to thinking about 'branding' after a very inspiring talk at New Designers headed up by Neil Bennett of Digital Arts magazine. It's interesting to think of an illustrator as a brand but I can see how it would be of benefit & I quite like the sound of it, seeing as I was told by an agent I already look like my work & you know, I'm a bit weird too. Perhaps I can claim tax back on brightly coloured specs as a business expense!

I was also dead chuffed to get offered a really fun freelance jobby on my birthday, as well as a flashy haircut & classy vegan meal with some legends I haven't seen in ages! So now I'm back in Fally & takin' care of business. I've got lots of personal projects on the go too, so hopefully this corner of the internet is gonna get EVEN MORE EXCITING.

Before that, though, you can see some characters from the "down time" I had between graduation & London. They're sans colour, because I can totally work in greyscale & I hadn't got any examples in my folder. I thought you know, if you've got it flaunt it etc...

I thought a brother & sister battling EVIL while they dream could be fun, whilst keeping it lighthearted with juxtaposition of geeky/hardcore & trying to draw their ages right. They're both me, really, because I LOVED girly stuff while I was a kid, but with the same vigour as I loved TMNT & Destruction Derby on Windows95. So my unicorn would have a bullring piercing, & my Care Bears would have battle scars. That type of thing just screams "well adjusted" doesn't it?

ARR, past them sea turtles, UPDATES AHOY!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First, an announcement!!  My website is finally re-designed, re-vamped & really awesome for you to look at.  So please have a ganders, bookmark & share IF you're feeling sweet!

Anyway, I've been away SOOO LOOONG, but I've had a busy few months!  First I had a crazy prep period before our trip to New York to buzz around with our folders for feedback.

Mmm, classy.  It was fab, very encouraging, lots of really super feedback on my folder & the possibility of getting work in the animation industry, which would be like, dream come true style plot line, so it was a wonderful trip. I mainly saw animation companies, although I got very positive & useful feedback from agents, all the animation guys I spoke to were really excited about my folio AND gave me lots of tips on how my folder could be improved. So the next few months are planned full of pushing new work, so inspiring!

AFTER NEW YORK I had another crazy prep period to finish my degree, then I DID finish my degree, followed by an ace week of our final show -  

Why is my mouth always open?  I'm so proud of everyone; the show at UCF was AMAZE this year, the rest of my graduating year's work can be spied at The Agency Falmouth

I'll be staying in Fal for a few months longer at least, so apart from the fact I can get out of bed when I want to, uni doesn't really feel over. Although my bank account says the student loan hangover is kicking in already.

I'm super-stoked to be going to both D&AD New Blood & the New Designers exhibitions, looking forward to meeting some cool people & hanging out in the big city again! If anyone is in London over those few weeks come have a look at all the beautiful things, & if you're lucky a chat with ME. Some of that new work inspired by feedback in New York will be in my folio, so if you're there you can have a sneak preview!

Anyhoo, here's a cow I drew.

And a sad F called Fillip.

Esplorers of the Unesplored!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I could've chosen a more sensible theme for some character designs, but I just wanted to draw ADVENTURE!

It felt weird drawing a big game hunter, obviously I don't hunt any game let alone big ones. His name is Bain, & he'll shoot anything that'll fit on his wall. It's a big wall, FYI. What a villain!!

These guys are a pair; I can't decide how they know each other but they're united by an overwhelming desire to look at small things through magnifying glasses. Except she is mainly into carnivorous flora, & he's particular to slightly dodgy looking mini-fauna. Each to their own, eh?

"This House" is Confused

A few pages from a book I'd planned, "This House" that I dropped earlier in the year. I thought the ideas were nice so I "polished" them so they looked "good", although as it stands the Smelly Monster hasn't made the guest list & is sitting on the curb outside my portfolio, alone, bitter & more than a bit drunk.

I'll finish the book when I've caught up with some sleep/reacquainted myself with my partner/readjusted myself to the suns' scorching rays.

Squeaky, Pink Pigs!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

PIGGIES are beautiful, aren't they? I adore pigs, possibly more than chickens. So sweet & gentle & intelligent. I'd happily bypass wages in return for pet pigs, preferably ginger ones included.

I was a bit miffled by how busy some of my other Macmillan spreads got; felt like the slow disintegration of my logic after a few weeks of sleep deprivation resulted in compulsion to FILL. ALL. THE SPACE NOW. which is just lame. So I consciously went at this one wanting to blow some AIR in their piggy hair. Normally I get that by drawing everything, then trimming the fat where things look like they need some slimfast. Worked out okay I think.

I think this opened a Pandora's box of desire to draw comedy BUMS in everything now, seriously I cannot stop. Someone call someone, send some help. There's THONGS IN MY SKETCHBOOKS.

UCF Illustrated Book of Quotes & Sayings

Friday, 29 April 2011

This is the most predictable post of my whole blog EVER, because graduates at Falmouth have been doing a piece for this wonderful publication for SIX years now, & I'm no boat-rocker no sir, so I did one too.

I spent ages toying with what could possibly be the most inappropriate-but-friendly-and-might-make-someone-guffaw quote, & settled with WC Fields' "I like children...fried." Succinct, direct, a little bit weird. Perfect advertising.

I've got a real bee in my bonnet about what I can only call "parts/whole" right now; pieces you have to go into & root around in, pick out all the little bits, ideas shoved in every nook & non-sexy cranny. My crannies may possibly be too full right now; I spent longer than I care to admit coming up with puns & edible bodyparts, & I'm not happy with the eye-fuzz the amount of detail is feeding. I don't like it here anymore, so I'm going home & easing up on heavy detail from now on. I pushed some little references to the Hansel & Grethel story in, & deliberately made the kids ginger. Makes them look...more edible. You know, tastier. Makes the scenario more believable.

It had crossed my mind the foreground element on the right page could be a little bit too far. I started drawing the goo coming out of the eyeball where the lolly stick was jabbed in, & just gave in to it all. It felt squishy, & warm, & guilty. I quite like drawings that feel like that.

Happy Easter!! (sort of)

Monday, 25 April 2011


I hope everyone had a egg-citing Easter anyway! Even better will be TOMORROW, peeps; by 5pm there'll be mountains of cut-price Easter eggs FLANKING MY MAMMOTH BEING. I feel the need to confess a deception occurring here, though; this isn't a Happy Easter picture, made with warmth & goodwill toward you, the general public, it's the endpapers of my book, with less-than-final colours. I'm sorry. I hope that hasn't spoilt the whole thing for everyone.

The book, incase anyone cared, is a very simple tale of a cockerel (rooster? American chicken??) taking his responsibility of getting things goin' in the mornin' pretty seriously. One such morning he notices there aren't any eggs in the barn, so he rushes around bothering all the animals to help him find out where the eggs is at. At the end he finds them, right back at the barn, & the lesson is learned about having a bit of patience when it comes to chickens making babies, or breakfast, depending on your moral standing.

It wasn't the book I intended to write at all, but I've never learnt so much in one project, so it's still loved. The inspiration was simple; 1) I like animals, 2) I like drawing animals, & 3) I really think it'd be worth the agriculture industry learning some PATIENCE rather than cramming hens in tiny cages, pumping them full of chemicals & leaving them to exist in living chicken hell just so some people can have their omelette a smidgen faster & a shitload cheaper than is natural. And whoever said 4 years old was too young to learn about industrial farming?? NOT ME THAT'S WHO.

I'm really looking forward to going on holiday eventually. Love you -xxx-

Where Are The Eggs? WIP artworkses

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I still have to finish one, & by finish I mean start, as well as a few roughs & the endpapers. I've worked longer hours over the Easter break than I did during term time. It might end up worth it, after I find someone to fix the crick in my neck, unless the crick is serious. In the meantime I enjoyed doing this, & by enjoyed I mean nearly died, & it was funky educational.

I know I'm a broken dubstep track, but anyone think anything about these pieces of drawing they care to share? Like a Bear? Hmm??
I'm sure it's a common worry, but I think some of them....might be a bit...scary? Obviously that was what I was going for, but I don't want to do anything you know, damaging. I'm just REALLY into horror films, & cartoons, & drawing things for children. It should be an uncomfortable mix but I think I'm workin' it pretty sexy.

Feedback rewarded with HOT GINGER LOVE :) -xxx-