IF: Chicken

Monday, 17 January 2011

People are going to assume I don't ever do any work at university if I don't start posting something other than Illustration Friday topics. I've been in Crazytown working on my dissertation since the start of the term last week, if that's any excuse, but I love chickens & this perked me up.

Fump the Rooster, hates most things, 'til aliens hypnotise him to steal everyone's eggs (no, I don't know why aliens want eggs) & you know, drama ensues.

It's been pointed out that this could be a subconscious reaction to my essay; see there I am on the right, running away from the essay, then I'm in the middle pissed off with all the stuff I need to do bothering me constantly, & the left-hand image is what happens when I get pushed too far.

Yours with sanity,
-Cathy Hookey.


Linda Hensley said...

Somehow, I think I can relate. Nice job!

Eric Barclay said...

Wonderful work- love it

jazzlamb said...

WOw! I love the use of shapes and the stencil-like quality of this :D