Where it Starts, never Where it Finishes

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I love the act of drawing, especially like this, with a stubby little pencil & a SWHOOSH & SWISH & scribblescribblescribblescribble, it's like, BIG movement, rather than little fiddly, finicky rubbish.

My sketching is definitely more 'realistic' than my finals, but I think the sense of shape & exaggeration is still in there somewhere. I always worry about old chestnuts of 'having more than one style', but at my crit last week people not only liked these but said you could tell they were by the same illustrator! So now I'm encouraged to show them occasionally, starting with these.

I use these to 'get to know' things I'm working with, learn the shapes, the personality etc. The birds are from a current kids book project (stay tuned!)

even more satisfying than drinking wine someone else paid for.