AOI/TfL River Thames Competition

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All those acronyms in the title make it look like I might've just called you all something bad in text speak. Roflcoptor.

Been in a minor funk recently, but a naughty quickie behind the sheds has me fired up to sizzlin' again, though I wish it had been a more drawn out romance since I did most the art in a single stressful day. C'est la vie. Men. SERCO. Pfft! Who needs them? Apart from all of us as SERCO are entertainingly 'the biggest company you've never heard of'. Super neat.

ANYWAY, contest to promote the River Thames & encourage people to nose around it a wee bit because it's awesome if you ignore the gulls. I'd looove to hear any feedback anyone might have; Easter holidays means working sans feedback, which is okay but I do have a penchant for feedback, otherwise all I can hear is my tinitus & a dehumidifier, & that's just depressing.

Word to all Mother's!


Sam said...

This is a little delightful! So many of the icons are so charming, the Millennium eye and the black cabs and London Buses are particular faves but a lot of them are very pretty!

The only one I'm not really keen on is the one on the bottom right hand corner, the newspaper. I think in this style it looks a bit more like something discarded rather then something good about the Thames. The only other thing is the one lines on the white look ruler straight which is a bit harsh. Neither of these really distract from the piece, the colours used are perfect and is the exclamation mark purposely supposed to look like a shoe print? Genius little touch! Really enjoyable

Cathy said...

You are AWESOME, I so wish I'd finished the piece earlier so I could've changed that newspaper before I entered it, that is an AMAZING spot! Trust me to miss it. That bit of the Thames is moving off to the financial districts so I wanted something that said 'business' & 'day to day' & a newspaper was the most general thing I came up with...d'oh crumpled broadsheet ;P
Thankyou though, teach me to be more attentive to my details :)

I chose a really straight shape down the middle deliberately, though I do see what you mean as the edges are a bit harsher than I'd intended; I block-printed the river & slapped the scan on in there without looking any closer at how it turned out ^^; Attention to detail again! One of my tutors told me I needed to learn to "pay attention to everything" so I think there's a trend emerging ;P

Thanks a billion, cabbage!! x