Happy Easter!! (sort of)

Monday, 25 April 2011


I hope everyone had a egg-citing Easter anyway! Even better will be TOMORROW, peeps; by 5pm there'll be mountains of cut-price Easter eggs FLANKING MY MAMMOTH BEING. I feel the need to confess a deception occurring here, though; this isn't a Happy Easter picture, made with warmth & goodwill toward you, the general public, it's the endpapers of my book, with less-than-final colours. I'm sorry. I hope that hasn't spoilt the whole thing for everyone.

The book, incase anyone cared, is a very simple tale of a cockerel (rooster? American chicken??) taking his responsibility of getting things goin' in the mornin' pretty seriously. One such morning he notices there aren't any eggs in the barn, so he rushes around bothering all the animals to help him find out where the eggs is at. At the end he finds them, right back at the barn, & the lesson is learned about having a bit of patience when it comes to chickens making babies, or breakfast, depending on your moral standing.

It wasn't the book I intended to write at all, but I've never learnt so much in one project, so it's still loved. The inspiration was simple; 1) I like animals, 2) I like drawing animals, & 3) I really think it'd be worth the agriculture industry learning some PATIENCE rather than cramming hens in tiny cages, pumping them full of chemicals & leaving them to exist in living chicken hell just so some people can have their omelette a smidgen faster & a shitload cheaper than is natural. And whoever said 4 years old was too young to learn about industrial farming?? NOT ME THAT'S WHO.

I'm really looking forward to going on holiday eventually. Love you -xxx-