IF: Bottled

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I'm on a learning curve at the moment, which involves learning to get up & sit in my studio all day & draw without anyone checking I'm not doing other things. You know, willpower, practice, working from home etc. Pluses include endless supplies of tea, minuses include TOTAL. SOLITUDE. ALLTHETIME. Resulting in the arguable plus/minus of COMPLETE MADNESS.

I'm slogging through my Macmillan entry, & don't even MENTION my entry to the Illustrated Quotes book, cos I ain't done any of it, which makes me very very BUSY, but I keep starting new pieces because I want to & possibly momentum? I'm scared if I stop drawing I'll fall asleep. So Illustration Friday was done this week, although it must've eaten mmmaybe three-ish hours of Work Time I DON'T CARE. I love being busy, but the prospect of not finishing in time stresses what's left of my hair out.