James and the Giant Peach WIP

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

There's a trend emerging, amongst my current class in my current year on my current course, currently, to be asking around for feedback a lot.  It's a good wagon to be on, I think, so I'm gettin in on that good stuff.

I ran out of steam & am really struggling to look at it with any description of objectivity; I'd super ooper appreciate any fresh eyes that would type their thoughts out in a box below this box, then press enter. And fill in the security thingy. Press enter again.
Thankyou in advance! xxx

Eye trap plugged, attempt at near-complementary scheme rather than the analogous, although I am dubious of it becoming a bit garish?

 SOMETHING JUST CAME OUT OF MY NOSE it's either boogers, OR BRAINS.  If it's brains I hope if I can get injury-at-illustration compensation.


Holly Blackman said...

Really lovely, one of the best I have seen so far.
Its got a great simplisity to it, and a narrative, well done you! (that is not ment to sound patronising!)

The only thing that I might change is the space in the top left hand corner, my eye goes straight to it as it is the only blank space. So maybe some more birds, or something coming out of the peach slightly?
Other then that lovely :)

Cathy said...

Wow Holly, thankyou so much!! I totally missed that eye trap, & the seagulls are a fab suggestion! Totally on that. I had a lot of suggestions to add some cooler colours, which I might try out along with my New Gulls! Thankyou again :D Quite a lot of people in the class are doing this brief aren't they? I started it so late ehe xxx