James MARK3, and also Others

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Maybe the final version? The constant tweaking of colours has killed this piece for me, maybe if I had colour skill +10 I could've got it first time instead.

One thing that hit me during this piece; I bet post-grad illustration is SOLITARY like a hairy menopausal lamprey. Give it six months, my studio will have more Barbie dolls than pencils, all called stuff like 'Martha' or 'Maggie.' Comforting, frumpy names; tiny tarty mothers to soothe me through each lonely day...does anyone think the DRAWING is getting any better, anyway?....did you all stop reading...?

These were my warm-ups today; I was away for the weekend & needed KICKSTARTART after the very disconcerting realisation there was life outside my studio. Seriously. Like, lots of it. I know!