UCF Illustrated Book of Quotes & Sayings

Friday, 29 April 2011

This is the most predictable post of my whole blog EVER, because graduates at Falmouth have been doing a piece for this wonderful publication for SIX years now, & I'm no boat-rocker no sir, so I did one too.

I spent ages toying with what could possibly be the most inappropriate-but-friendly-and-might-make-someone-guffaw quote, & settled with WC Fields' "I like children...fried." Succinct, direct, a little bit weird. Perfect advertising.

I've got a real bee in my bonnet about what I can only call "parts/whole" right now; pieces you have to go into & root around in, pick out all the little bits, ideas shoved in every nook & non-sexy cranny. My crannies may possibly be too full right now; I spent longer than I care to admit coming up with puns & edible bodyparts, & I'm not happy with the eye-fuzz the amount of detail is feeding. I don't like it here anymore, so I'm going home & easing up on heavy detail from now on. I pushed some little references to the Hansel & Grethel story in, & deliberately made the kids ginger. Makes them look...more edible. You know, tastier. Makes the scenario more believable.

It had crossed my mind the foreground element on the right page could be a little bit too far. I started drawing the goo coming out of the eyeball where the lolly stick was jabbed in, & just gave in to it all. It felt squishy, & warm, & guilty. I quite like drawings that feel like that.


Hannah Bee said...

You know, I was thinking about the eye-fuzz before I even read what you'd said about it. But I was thinking, instead of getting rid of the detail completely, it might be worth first trying out just knocking the background back a bit. I think the problem is that there isn't much hierarchy in terms of the little details that don't matter too much, and the old lady with the kid - they're fighting against each other when the eye should be drawn immediately to the latter and then held there for a while, before wandering around the rest of the page to see all the cool little 'extras'.

So if it were me I think I would try out making the shelves and the little girl maybe paler, or maybe darker, or just something that makes it a little less eye-catching.