Squeaky, Pink Pigs!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

PIGGIES are beautiful, aren't they? I adore pigs, possibly more than chickens. So sweet & gentle & intelligent. I'd happily bypass wages in return for pet pigs, preferably ginger ones included.

I was a bit miffled by how busy some of my other Macmillan spreads got; felt like the slow disintegration of my logic after a few weeks of sleep deprivation resulted in compulsion to FILL. ALL. THE SPACE NOW. which is just lame. So I consciously went at this one wanting to blow some AIR in their piggy hair. Normally I get that by drawing everything, then trimming the fat where things look like they need some slimfast. Worked out okay I think.

I think this opened a Pandora's box of desire to draw comedy BUMS in everything now, seriously I cannot stop. Someone call someone, send some help. There's THONGS IN MY SKETCHBOOKS.