ARR, past them sea turtles, UPDATES AHOY!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First, an announcement!!  My website is finally re-designed, re-vamped & really awesome for you to look at.  So please have a ganders, bookmark & share IF you're feeling sweet!

Anyway, I've been away SOOO LOOONG, but I've had a busy few months!  First I had a crazy prep period before our trip to New York to buzz around with our folders for feedback.

Mmm, classy.  It was fab, very encouraging, lots of really super feedback on my folder & the possibility of getting work in the animation industry, which would be like, dream come true style plot line, so it was a wonderful trip. I mainly saw animation companies, although I got very positive & useful feedback from agents, all the animation guys I spoke to were really excited about my folio AND gave me lots of tips on how my folder could be improved. So the next few months are planned full of pushing new work, so inspiring!

AFTER NEW YORK I had another crazy prep period to finish my degree, then I DID finish my degree, followed by an ace week of our final show -  

Why is my mouth always open?  I'm so proud of everyone; the show at UCF was AMAZE this year, the rest of my graduating year's work can be spied at The Agency Falmouth

I'll be staying in Fal for a few months longer at least, so apart from the fact I can get out of bed when I want to, uni doesn't really feel over. Although my bank account says the student loan hangover is kicking in already.

I'm super-stoked to be going to both D&AD New Blood & the New Designers exhibitions, looking forward to meeting some cool people & hanging out in the big city again! If anyone is in London over those few weeks come have a look at all the beautiful things, & if you're lucky a chat with ME. Some of that new work inspired by feedback in New York will be in my folio, so if you're there you can have a sneak preview!

Anyhoo, here's a cow I drew.

And a sad F called Fillip.