A Challenge Appears!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hello again my loves, tis myself, putting another new drawing on the internet. This is another one polished off before my trip to New Blood & New Designers. I wanted something new to put at the end of my folder, something dramatic, something RED.

Clickity for bigger!

I've been working on pushing my texture recently, as well as my composition & general attention to detail. This was the first in a continuing series of experiments using more involved processes with texture, using more varied handmade textures, & using them as brushes in Photoshop for COMPLETE CONTROL over colour, placement & amount of texture. I'm working on this alongside my use of form & tone, not because I necessarily want to move away from flatness but because I want to try it out. I think I have a good feel for form & weight so it seems a shame to not push it! Since I've finished uni it seemed a shame not to let my geekery have a frolic as well, so I decided to indulge my fantasy fan & do a sexy redhead battling a demon with it's nips out. I love drawing monsters, although most the time they're funny, sometimes I have to make them really horrible!

I'd love to hear what people think anyway :)

Lots going on at the moment, totally worthwhile being busy when July won't stop raining on us!!!