Falmouthian Summer

Friday, 29 July 2011

Hi again my lovelies, I'm back again to interrupt your summer with something SUMMERY.

During our New York trip, Piper of Lingdren & Smith told me that I'd probably draw beautiful maps. I had to concede the point, so I'm working on a series of maps. The series starts naturally with home, Falmouth!

I wanted to do a map that concentrated on the Falmouth I love rather than a very factual one, as I feel like I owe a huge amount to the town I felt it should be personal, but still be commercial enough to work in my folder.
First I decided my favourite things about Fal are the sea & it's exotic foliage, so my map would have a lot of water & flowers. Owing to the student population Fal isn't a lot like other Cornish seaside towns; the creativity the university draws means it's all a bit quirky on top of the usual slow Cornish pace, so I used a seaside colour scheme that's a bit more modern & a lot brighter. Fally is always cheerful & chirpy, even when it's grey & wet, which is a lot despite how many sunshines I drew on this. When the sun DOES shine it's so lovely. I'm lucky to live so close to Swanpool beach that all I see is blue & green. Swanpool is too far away from everything else to make it onto my map though, so just imagine it's much like Gylly, without the skyscraper-sized cocktail, but with a skyscraper-sized ice-cream covered in clotted-cream & pieces of chocolate.

And if THAT didn't make you want to stay in England for your summer holiday, I don't know what will.

Stats about oil, climate change & planes, perhaps. But hey! It's a Friday night, you crazy kids should be out enjoying yourselves! Go on. Just try not to wake me up when you get in.