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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Well, the start of July was a bit momentous; I went up to London to exhibit both at D&AD New Blood & the New Designers graduate shows. They were AMAZING fun! I got chatting to some awesome people, got to see some awesome work, & natch got to hang out in the most awesome city ever. I was so excitable; if anyone reading this met me at either aforementioned show I apologise, I just don't get let out very often.

The whole trip was super useful for me; I noticed some trends in the pieces that got the most interest from "Industry", which got me taking more notice of the commercial potential of my work & is actually very refreshing after spending four years in a box (not that I mind working entirely selfishly ;P). I got some really useful feedback too, less on my work itself & more on how I talk about it in a formal setting, & I got to thinking about 'branding' after a very inspiring talk at New Designers headed up by Neil Bennett of Digital Arts magazine. It's interesting to think of an illustrator as a brand but I can see how it would be of benefit & I quite like the sound of it, seeing as I was told by an agent I already look like my work & you know, I'm a bit weird too. Perhaps I can claim tax back on brightly coloured specs as a business expense!

I was also dead chuffed to get offered a really fun freelance jobby on my birthday, as well as a flashy haircut & classy vegan meal with some legends I haven't seen in ages! So now I'm back in Fally & takin' care of business. I've got lots of personal projects on the go too, so hopefully this corner of the internet is gonna get EVEN MORE EXCITING.

Before that, though, you can see some characters from the "down time" I had between graduation & London. They're sans colour, because I can totally work in greyscale & I hadn't got any examples in my folder. I thought you know, if you've got it flaunt it etc...

I thought a brother & sister battling EVIL while they dream could be fun, whilst keeping it lighthearted with juxtaposition of geeky/hardcore & trying to draw their ages right. They're both me, really, because I LOVED girly stuff while I was a kid, but with the same vigour as I loved TMNT & Destruction Derby on Windows95. So my unicorn would have a bullring piercing, & my Care Bears would have battle scars. That type of thing just screams "well adjusted" doesn't it?


Alison Pascoe said...

Hi Cathy, came across your lovely blog and work.

I noticed you mentioned an influential talk on branding and thought of a book that would be useful to you. It is the most useful and insightful book I have ever bought, it really is. It's called "The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding" by Al Ries and Laura Ries. I was told about it by Nate Williams who runs Illustration Mundo.

Good luck with the work,


Cathy said...

Ah Alison!
I don't know if you remember me from before I dropped out of your year midway in Level 2! Thankyou very much for your compliments, I still feel very 'fresh' to the whole career thing but it's so exciting I don't think I mind!
I'll definitely check that book out, I heart branding, & Nate Williams! Did you meet him at some point or something? Thank you :) xxx