IF: Gesture

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Reportage is, next to posed life drawing, I think my favourite thing to do. When I first started reportage I thought it was all about getting the drawing to look like the subject of the drawing, then I read the 'Force' books by Mike Mattesi & realised how much life drawing has to do with ideas. My favourite thing to do, taken of course from Mattesi's books, is look & then come up with an adjective or simile to describe what I find most interesting, like "his leg is thick like a pillar" then push that idea visually. Or I tend to hone in on a shape that really interests me, like the way a woman supports her weight by jutting her hip out at a strong right angle, or the way someone's hair might shoot off the crown of their head like a puffball. Then I just push that in the drawing. Some drawings are just about how square someone's butt is.

These, apart from being for Illustration Friday's "gesture" topic, are a selection of drawings I did whilst manning University College Falmouth's stand at D&AD's New Blood show. Being a cutting edge, trendy young people type design show, there were some really cool looking people to draw, & I had a seat, so I was truly in my element. Thank you, New Blood, for your interesting crowds, well lit venue, & that seat.

I'm a firm believer in the photograph's capability to capture what is already there, thus the requirement of an illustrator to capture something bigger & more interesting than reality. An idea, or a story. I think I'd get bored just pretending to be a camera all the time, & I don't think I have the attention span!

I'd like to hear people's thoughts anyway! Love love xxx


Janet Dibbydabby.com.au said...

wow, thank, I found your post really interesting aned might have to give the technique you refered to a go! Your illustrations are great, I love the shapes and 'realness' of them

Jennibellie said...

Great job. I really enjoyed reading this post - thank you for the sharing the advice on 'zoning' in on a particular interest of a subject, makes looking at your illustrations even more interesting.

Cathy said...

Ah thankyou so much! I'm so glad it was helpful, I really hated reportage before I realised it could be a fun & useful exercise, rather than just a method of torturing those of us who hate aiming towards realism!

I think not thinking through reportage is such a terrible waste of an opportunity to really study & understand the inspiring things the world lays out for us.

Everyone should reportage their hearts out! :D