Custard Creams Illustrated

Monday, 8 August 2011

I think probably the Queen's fave biccy would be custard creams, dipped in gin or tea or possibly both. Earl Gin. Mmm.

My fave biscuit, VEGANISED so I can eat them now! These taste BETTER than store-bought ones, though, because rather than miscellaneous crappy oils & rubbish, they're super simple; flour, vegetable fat, sugar, vanilla essence & custard powder, which is pretty much always vegan from supermarkets.

Despite loving cooking this is my first attempt at merging cooking stuff with my illustrating stuff. Illustrating a recipe is harder than it looks I tell you, so I'd be interested in what people think of it, whether or not it's legible etc. I made it to hand out at a recent vegan food fayre, so it had to be at A5, but didn't get handed out anyway! C'est la vie.

In other news, I have a day-job now, at Lush handmade cosmetics, which is obv lush, & I'll be contributing to Creaturemag's lovely feature Happy Friday every few weeks! SO KEEP YER EYES PEELED.


pondweed said...

You're working at Lush? I'm mega jealous. They're fantastic. And smelly. Smelly-fantastic!

As for the work, I find it fairly easy to follow - if a bit chaotic. Corgies!