IF: Ferocious / Happy Friday!

Friday, 23 September 2011



I can't decide if it's the abundance of texture, or the fact that I'm steadily using more gradients in every piece, but my work looks like it's slowly transforming WITHOUT PERMISSION TO DO SO. My 'Advice to Sink in Slowly' poster looked similar- a lot busier & with more subtleties than when I worked in only flats. I didn't choose to stop working in flats, it started as an experiment which is, I suppose, just running a bit unchecked. I don't mind I think. I miss the looser linear elements I used to add, so I'll try to reincorporate them into things. We'll see where this crazy ride takes us!

'Till then, have a happy Friday! :)

Merry Christmas!!....?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Or merry autumn!!

This bag is from a presentation I did for Hallmark a few months back, it felt oddly satisfying drawing Christmas stuff in July. I enjoyed all the decorative stuff & loved designing the colour schemes, winter colours are gorgeous!

I am feeling so CHRISTMASSY at the moment it's unreal, the sudden influx of Autumnal weather is gorgeous & gearing up for my first Christmas at Lush is so exciting ITS UNREAL. My shuffle just put on Wham's 'Last Christmas' & everything, tell me that isn't some sort of sign from above that I should start Christmas three months early.

Except then I'd miss Halloween!!! ;D xxx

Advice to Sink in Slowly Poster

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ever since I was a fresher at Falmouth I wanted to draw a poster for Advice to Sink in Slowly, they were an amazing inspiration for me when I was just starting out & the thought of being able to pass that feeling on was so exciting! I'm so chuffed to be a part of it.

Also chuffed to get the opportunity to draw a scary Mayan-god-slash-designer-face eating money & clocks. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it, the detail got out of control at some point & I couldn't bring myself to reign it in, but I think I'm starting to like doing slightly more detailed work! Scary. I nearly went with a scheme in just greens but also couldn't bring myself to use non-red. I don't know how my idea of colour ended up categorised into either 'red' or 'everything not red', it's too extreme to even be called a bias now I think.

I might've taken the advice in my poster to extreme at times (I didn't kill anyone), but sometimes it really is worth sacrificing for your work, whether you're at uni or not. Prioritise! & remember your passion. Oh, I'm welling up. I love you guys.

LUSH Party Flyer

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hello my loves! I'm sorry I've not been posting much recently, you'll be my main priority from now on I promise. I've had a lot of work that I haven't been able to show, which must just mean I have to do more personal work obviously!
This was just a little job for my masterful manager at Lush, & because I love Lush & love doing drawings it seemed logical to mix them up a bit. I think all considering there'll be a fair few more drawings of Lush things coming up!

I wanted to show off the lusciousness of Lush & the beautiful big yellow house that is Lush Truro, as well as draw seagulls & a red cat. This is going to print at A6, so I went with a super bright colour scheme for IMPACT. Not that I don't usually go with a super bright colour scheme for IMPACT regardless of how big the finals are going to be. I'm sure I spent most my summer getting rained on, so at least I can draw sunshine & pretend it's real! xxx

Happy Fridays!

For those who are looking at my blog, but not looking at the beautiful creaturemag blog, the lovely creature's have given me a job every three weeks to cheer up the internetiverse with Happy Fridays! Here are the first two I've contributed, keep your face turned towards creaturemag for future additions of late week lovin!

It's lovely to have an excuse to do something fun & silly, so I'm using them to really relax & stretch a bit. I'll cross-post them here from now on, so everyone can have a happy Friday! :)