IF: OOOooooooo SCARY!

Friday, 4 November 2011

WOOOOO spooky timeeeess not really but I really love drawing ghosts & monsters so Halloween is a great excuse to draw lots of spooky silly pictures!

I sent two of these out as promotional postcards & the spot illios were used for little circular stickers! I love doing spot illustrations, breaking out of straight edged canvases is sooooo satisfying.

And this was a sketch I ended up really liking, partially because I always wanted to be a witch when I was a kid, just a fun witch who'd use her magic to turn bats into cyclop-bats rather than doing anything really mean. Love to hear thoughts & feedback, as always my lovelies! :)

At the moment I'm working on developing my folio & tweaking my website as well as spending a lot of time being Lush! I love working at Lush, aside from more obvious skills the job has given me +9000 scent points, I can now smell you at least 30 seconds before I can see you. Mixed blessing/curse but interesting none the less ;D xxxx


Stilos said...

Scary? Not much!
Just super amazing illustrations!
I'd say even cute...

Patti said...

I love the skeleton art. Great colors.

BETOWERS said...

Yeah!! fantastic work!!!
Skeletons rules!!!!


caela said...

This is an awesome style :) I love your work :D