Drawing words (& cactus).

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another poster-toaster for promo peeps Dueling Kazoos for a gig tonight.

I was on an unstoppable typography binge when I did this, so I decided a poster made mostly of type was totally an awesome idea.  I wanted glowy linear detail & couldn't think of anywhere with more neon than Vegas, so it got wild west as well.  I adore cartoon cactus.  I want to do some cowboy stuff soon. 

Lovely lazy ladybirds

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A challenge to draw my favourite animal, which stumped me, because I have about a bjillion favourite animals & I've already drawn most of them.  So I chose my favourite from the list of my favourites which I haven't drawn yet.

A FACT, especially for everyone who has ever told me a ladybird took a wee on them & I've tried to pursuade them otherwise, it's called 'autohaemorrhaging' & it's because said ladybird thinks you're gonna eat it!  Such clever lovely lazy ladybugs!