It is close to Autumn

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

...but it's fairly wintery in Falmouth now.  I've had this floating about since October, when it made more sense, but if you pine for long, yellowed autumn afternoons this is for you. 

 This is basically the view from my studio window.  All these pretty little terraced houses, lots of trees, & the harbour.  Lots of dog walkers.  If it were true to life there'd be more birds, though. 
I'm trying to work on surface detail & pattern, seeing how much is too much.  Working on paring down my colour schemes as well.  I have a feeling I won't get used to desaturated colours, even this earnest attempt came out quite bright!

In other spanking news, my new website is finally finito at with not just a nice slick redesign (thankyou Mr Apsitis!) but some new work as well!  

So that's all lovely, lovely.  I'll have some more to show you soon; something about the colder months makes me more busy even though I don't try to be more busy?


Koosje Koene said...

I thought my view was fairly nice, but now that I've see yours... Wow! I love the colours that you used, even though you think they may be too bright? Perhaps the bright colours just fit your style! There's so much to see here, I'll be staring out of your window for a bit longer now.