LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Christmas Gifts!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

 Merry Christmas!
Oh...oh well it's always Christmas to me.  Hello darlings.
For lots of people this is old news, but I wanted it up here too so!  Earlier this year some might remember me typing about being at the head offices of LUSH, an international cosmetics company that make bath bombs & face creams & dreams come true.  I wangled a week's paid internship with their gift design team, which, after a few months of talks within the head honchos, ended in two of my gift designs being published!  Both designs were in collectable tins, inspired by seasonal biscuit tins but full of smellies instead.  They were released worldwide, so I had the IMMENSE pleasure of having a friend in Sendai send me photos of my drawings in his local, & photos of staff in the NYC & South African LUSH stores posing with them as well! 
The one below is less exotic, of a ginger weirdo in the Cornwall LUSH...

The back story is that I work in said Cornish LUSH shop part-time, & love it to pieces, but obv can't let anything lie & late last year I started emailing the head of gift design at LUSH with ideas for presents (lots of them), & eventually she let me come up to hang out & do some work.  LUSH are a beautiful company, consider that they published the illustration of a shop staff member internationally, that are fun & weird & simply lovely.  So, if you want something, kids, never stop fighting for it.  I sent gift design so many sketches, ideas, comps, before they let me come to work with them, then while I was there I worked pretty much non-stop. 
Putting tins I drew through the tills at work is kinda surreal though :)

This is my favourite one, it's called "Festive Fiesta!" & was commissioned while I was at design after they decided their Xmas product line was to have a Mexican influence.  Obviously going with my sense of humour, I wound up with a Mexican Santa, complete with Rudolph pinata & sleigh full of party foods.  The patterns on the side were inspired by Mexican textiles & if I'm honest are my fave bit ;D

This one is called "Yule Love This Tin" & was my idea to have something indulgent for a 'night before Christmas' sort of scenario, so it's all bath bits.  I was working towards ideas of a narrative about the cat & mouse (which, you'll notice, are not stirring ;D) which involved a little peek-a-boo design around the edges of the tin.  The gifts are for all the reindeer, including a cheeky tipple & mince pie for Santa above the fire.

I keep my perfume collection in my tins now.  If you got one I hope you like it & keep it forever.  If you didn't, why not??
Love you xxx