Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken Menu Designs

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My hands are freezing, in my little Cornish studio in January, which reminded me, didn't I draw some hot hot sunshine just before Christmas?

Yes I did!
They were an answer to an open brief for Nando's (the ubiquitous peri-peri chicken restaurant) for some eye candy to go on their menus.  I love Portuguese food, (although not chicken :P), & have admitted previously to having a thing for bright, warm colours, so I couldn't not do the brief.  I was going for something of a party vibe, people coming together, sharing music & food under a bright warm sun, living passionately!  It's how I like to live & how I like to eat! 

I also did this one as a variation that I felt would have some more 'punch!'  You know like a gigantic flaming heart TO THE FACE.  If it got any more passionate it'd have got a 12a cert.  I included the Nando's chicken (the Cock of Barcelos, I believe) in both, because he's cute.