Gathering/Working & the London Book Fair

Saturday, 27 April 2013

This week I took my first professional opportunity to come out of not living in Cornwall, & popped along to the  London Book Fair with my folio.  I have to admit, I was honestly terrified on the way up there.  I'm not very shouty about my work, I love it & I need it, but I'm always apprehensive about showing it to 'professionals,' in case maybe they see I'm not an illustrator I'm actually a very immature woman with a lot of art materials.  So even deciding to go was quite a step!  What a wally I am, though, because I met some lovely inspiring illustrators & had some very positive feedback from agents & publishers!  By the end of the day I'd smiled so much my face hurt. So now I've rekindled the fire under my bum for drawing things, & with some good advice from people at the LBF I'm hoping to move my freelance work forward.  So just in time for the sunshine to be hitting the UK, I've sworn an oath to my studio & banished myself to working weekends.  Seeing the sun through my window excites me more for my work though, so it's a happy exile, believe me.

New drawing!

Probably a more 'personal' piece than my personal work usually is, I guess.  I'm (still) reading 'Women who Run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which is generally a very affecting book but at the moment something there is particularly poignant.  So I'm searching for pieces of my wildish self, & reading & drawing & thinking a lot.  It's not a particularly tidy job, but it's worth it. 

And I really like drawing organs, despite the minefield that is googling up references.


Make it, Mister Maker!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh my dears, I'm sorry I've been on the quiet side!  After our five or six years of living & loving the Cornish dream, I've moved out of Falmouth!  Before you ask yes, I miss my seagulls.  Now I'm based in Canterbury, which is lovely to look at & has the most beautiful old buildings.  It's certainly is a lot busier than Cornwall, which so far has only annoyed me, so perhaps I'm learning a lesson about Cathy + Cities.

  But why leave all those beautiful, bounteous seagulls?  Not because I favour the skinny little things in the East, that's for sure.  I got a new job, which isn't in Cornwall, it's at Maidstone T.V studios. Now I am working in the art dept. of the BBC kids art show, Mister Maker!


  Seriously, honestly, I am 26 years old & the sped up doodle draws sequence ALWAYS makes me giggle.  Anyway, now I get to design makey stuff & make makey stuff & go home covered in spray paint (& acrylic paint, & poster paint...)every day.  I'm very 'green' compared to the rest of the team, but I really enjoy being constantly amazed by sets & cameras & the fact I get a little beepy card to get into the studio.  I know, way swish.
  Alas, the new series 'Mister Maker Around the World' isn't going to be on telly for a wee while, so I can't update any details about what I'm doing exactly, but I'll still put up anything I make for myself.  So I made you some fish.

 I like the green one best.