Drawings of Kick-Arse Kids

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A couple of new pieces for my 'folio, working on my younger audience characterisation, & my black & white linear work.

I like naughty, tree-climbing princesses better than any other princesses.  She just likes the outdoors! & swamps.  & toads...maybe she shouldn't have gone out in her new summer dress?  Oh well!

Anyone who has had a peek at my (largely unused) Tumblr a while back would've seen the sketch for this one already.  Last Hallowe'en I was lucky to be walking home from work, past some trick-or-treaters & overheard "has anyone played the 'Deal or no Deal' board game?"  I was thrilled.  I thought, every friend group has a Yoda, don't they?  The geeky kid who just likes games, & books, & films, & was basically me.  Thus a drawing.  I haven't had a really serious sesh with my brush & ink for ages, & this was really cathartic during what was a very, very stressful weekend.

I love drawing, & I love all of you.