Bye For Now!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Where are my dragons?!?!

 Oh, there they are.  My Khaleesi!  I am not ashamed to admit my burning Game of Thrones fandom.  For those who don't care about GoT, do you like my dragons?  They were really fun to draw.

In news, I am Catalonia bound tomorrow morning!  Until the end of June I will be working on an organic vegetable & poultry farm in Girona.  I am so looking forward to it it's not even normal.  I will be taking photos, & a sketchbook, so expect some really nice drawings of ducks when I get back. 

Until then, I am available on email with ease, on phone less so because we're a bit out in the sticks, but I'm not totally off grid.  So don't ignore me, I get lonely, with only ducks for company.  & my sister, but she's a bit duck-ish I suppose.

Wish me luck, darlings! xxx