Freaky Lady

Monday, 20 January 2014

Grüetzi from Switzerland, my friends!  The journey continues, eh?

I finished this piece during my stay in Catalonia a few months ago for a little feminist zine run by Armpits4August in the UK.  It was to accompany an article I wrote about PCOS & the related issue of 'hirsutism,' or excess body hair.  The issue of female body hair was raised in the press pretty often (comparatively) in 2013, discourse which I think is totally crucial, particularly for young women with PCOS.  The discourse shows women they aren't chained to their razors, & hopefully with more ladies taking the leap it will become less of a spectacle to be how nature intended.  Think of all the time, energy & money saved to be put into drawing, or dancing, or knitting mittens for hedgehogs, taken away from shaving.  So I'm starting up my own hairy utopia in 2014.

It's the first article I've had published, which made me very happy because I'm writing a lot nowadays.  I was even happier that they let me illustrate my article, (is it cheating to illustrate your own article?) & it was a good test of my 'on the road' illustration set up!

Switzerland doesn't have any beaches...